Thursday, May 18, 2006

She's looking pretty good
after having been last
year's dessert!

Over at
The tropics and other stuff:)

Thursday, February 02, 2006

My absolute all time favourite nipple clamps

I masturbate with these a lot......I lie on my bed, tie ropes through them as illustrated below, then tie the ropes through the bars on my bedhead behind me and then I move my body down the bed so the rope pulls on my nipples, just as I'm about to cum I move further down so they pull off at just the right moment, gives that extra little pleasure/pain sting.

I would say just about the closest to being pierced as you can get (except you can't pull piercings off ) I haven't been brave enough to get them pierced yet.
M would love me to be his pierced slut.

I can bare my cunt to complete strangers in certain circumstances but the thought of going into a tattoo parlour and actually having to have some kind of talking interaction conversation thingy with a stranger looking at and touching my tits petrifies me.

Then there's the pain factor...

And I've read a few horror stories about them not healing properly and being all gooey for ages, so that's put me off a bit too.

They look beautiful,I wish I wasnt so scared.

I've asked M to pierce me, I wouldnt be so scared if he did it, the needles I gave are still on the shelf.

I don't think he is really keen on the idea

He's concerned about the medical issues of him doing it

Concerned that I was asking just to please him, he thinks I do things that are above and beyond my limits to please him when it's just that my limits have changed, I don't know why...maybe just to please him, maybe I've just grown, either way they have changed...does it matter why? There are things I want to try now that I couldnt do at the beginning and also things we tried at the beginning that I couldnt do now.

And I think he would just prefer a tattoo parlour humiliation session because he's a bastard knows how difficult it would be for me.
He winds me up saying that
He will choose the tattoo place
He will accompany me
And I will pay the piercer with a blow job


I learnt some new html to pass on if anyone cares........I'm becoming a html nerdy person...........
from this lovely site, it shows you how to do THIS It's the strike code one. I can't show you here because funnily enough I'd have to learn more html to be able to and I'm not going to look because the bastard thing took a long time to find and...I'm googlewacked.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

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